Song of the Neverending Ugly Lizard

by Piith

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MelancholyMakesTheMusic The atmosphere on this album is mostly dark. The instruments are great. I totally fell in love with this album. Tell me a track as good as The Rainbow. Favorite track: The Rainbow.
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released June 30, 2014

Recorded in 2014

Cover: "Resurrection" by Gerald Trottier, 1963. © CARCC 2014
Used with permission from Irma and Denise Trottier

Recorded and produced by Cam Steacy

On this album:
Chris Love: Guitar and vocals
Damjan Markovic: Bass
Josh Scammell: Drums

Seif Gaber: Synthesizer
Chris Mong: Violin
Kelsey Miki: Backup vocals on "Shallow Water and Cold Sand"



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Piith Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Black Triangle
do not raise a hand against yourself
hold the hand that toasts your health
feel the dress that caresses the form
confess to the flesh, it'll make you warm

but then i saw her in the crowd
when the evening got loud
she held in her hands a stable heart
that she threw in the air in the dark

in the deepest depression her hair flashes by
as light as a dandelion, clear as the sky
shading you with wings of grey
rain makes night of gruesome day

no you don't need to leave
hold the wrist that fills the sleeve
flowers wash up on the shore
never seen this many here before

so you can paint it on the corners of your eyes
a black triangle on either side
there's a string there, it's being cut
it's in your eye, it's in your eye, it's in your eye

and the blood in my veins is painted blue
forever flowing pump one two
she's the fountain of condition
she's a field, she's a vision

she's a flower made of petals
she's a tower made of metal
see her here, i see her later
see her at the elevator

and i don't know what's wrong with me
i guess that province is where i should be
though all it is and all it's ever been
is a black triangle, a simulation
Track Name: Say Hi
crossing these borders, these mental boundaries
and ducking our heads into different spaces
different people from different places
and oscillating flowers

hair pulled tight, skin like drums
tarmac teenagers dragging pilons
discussing something, arms moving, wild, long,
among the giant birds for hours

say hi to the wind that blows
say hi to the grass that grows
say bye to the people underground

they are framed by hanging lights
the snowstorm outside is getting vicious
i wish this kiss wasn't so suspicious
as it lingers on my senses

chewed up lips are saying words
the afternoon is opening like fragile petals
trying to make sense of the fields of metal
because your great uncle built them

say hi to the wave you missed
say hi to the eucharist
say bye to the pall beneath the mound

but don't be scared, the world is your mother
energized by the threads within you
your threads do nothing that they don't mean to
can you fulfill them?

spirit chasers on the tarmac
i wonder how the mother allows such perversion
could be the insertion, or some other version of
carving tragic trenches

say hi to the crashing rapids
say hi to the re-enactment
say bye to the small blue room

but don't forget, and don't despair
the goddess of may is gonna ask you for something
cutting it down, a whole lifetime of stumping is
emanating this shanty

let it act however it wants
let the haunting spirits that guide you
do whatever they decide to
if they choose to come out of concealment

say hi to the muzzled heart
say hi to the stranger parts
say bye to the hot electric room

speak to the wild grey land around you
subsist in this soaking wet living landscape
spread your spotted wings and take
the fleeting for a ride

there's something going on in here
i know it's true, don't hide that secret
if i sound far too eager, it's
because i can't accept that they can't see

say hi to your meager future
say hi to the hands that touch her
say bye to the love and the lawn

did a little bit of suffering cause
the growth of all those horns and claws?
could it be that people's flaws
determined where the seal went?

and he ducks his head back under the water
and she and i slip into sleep
and the walls of the quarry are crushingly steep
and in our tent we hide

say hi to the misery
say hi to the mystery
say bye one last time and you're gone
Track Name: The Rainbow
the rainbow
the moisture
the shame of your effort
your deal
your subject
the veins in your chest hurt
the call
the wall
the man in the jail cell
the clock
the birds
the ground where the hail fell
the push
the pull
the blood of the camera
the pain
the time
the national anthem
the stride
the smirk
the smell of your body
the twitch
the hail
the air in the lobby
your heart
your head
the lies of the feeling
her hair
her curve
her touch is appealing
the death
the rebirth
the reason for smiling
the water
the bathtub
she drinks what she's hiding
the snake
the squirrel
the calm on the mountain
it's sleeping
don't wake it
every calm's a renouncing
the cops
the crops
the tractors at midnight
the plane
the ceremony
daughters of insight
the rollers
the ghosts
the scum of the city
they're laughing
they're squeezing
they're making it pretty
it's dusty
it's rusted
it lives in the shed
the book
the look
the side of her head
she's tall
she's shy
she stands in the entrance
the myth of the raven
is back with a vengeance
they told you
controlled you
made you their equal
but are you a raven
or are you an eagle?
the sunlight
the author
the pain of remembering
the glass floor
the pond
the water for tempering
the path of the greyhound
the garbage
the crescent
mysterious lake towns
the places
the faces
cathedrals and quarries
and saying you're sorry
the white light
the fear
the dust of the other
the satellite spinning
society's mother
the true vine
the fake one
the longing for jesus
the forest
the chorus
she does as she pleases
she's walking
she's changing
into a canopy
into an undergrowth
out of humanity
into an orchid
on the side of a tree trunk
a bus full of honey
a solitary monk
a frayed edge
a collar
a wall to collide with
the ground here is opening
i'm going inside it
her face
the stories
she's standing right next to me
it's not a pollution
to think of her sexually
the shortage
the portage
the online memorial
the skin
the cut
the feeling's primordial
it's setting
it's set in
stone just for you
it's coming
it wants to
open the door for you
the rainbow
is breeding
it's only a breeder
it's twitching
it's chasing
it follows the leader
becoming a heath
destroying the beach
i love you
i need you
can you read what i'm writing?
the dawn
the dream
mysterious sightings
riddles deciphered
the morning
the yearning
the husband and wife are
choking their sorrow
breaking tomorrow
this song is for louise
this song is for norman
please stop laughing
while i'm performing
the rainbow
the paintbrush
the underwear dream
the gleaming city
we're on the same team
the country
the flag
the national poison
don't wake the giant
your singing annoys him
jesus is here
and he's sick of your body
the landscape
the red grape
the thousands of parties
the rainbow
is bending
back into a shaft
the great forest spirit
is making its crafts
and the world is undoing all of its knots
it's giving and taking
everything you've got
you are a plaything
a measly distraction
a vessel for suffering
a rune of inaction
the rainbow
is speaking
it's telling you lies
it's no longer a rainbow
just look in its eyes
and the mist is parting
and the birds fly away
the ground is rippling
the people can't stay
the raven is calling
the eagle will answer
the shoes
are shackling
the beautiful dancer
the ground is shaking
and the earth is moving
the eyes are looking
so very soothing
press your head
on the chest of your love
the rainbow is growing
it towers above
there go the buildings
there go the beasts
stay with me, darling
or hurt me at least
i can't be pure
when the rainbow comes through
i can't endure
what the rainbow will do
but what is death but the loss of a pulse
it's just a minor change
it's nothing else
it settles upon us
it turns us all rainbow
feel the cool tingling
where did the pain go?
let neither of us flaunt our masculinity
let neither of us flaunt our femininity
i'm ready to speak in the interview now
the rainbow is wondering what to do now
Track Name: Invertebrates II
son of a hill tribe
a fissure in ant hide
a six foot leg
in the end we will pick sides

green stick on the freezer
you love her and leave her
you can't accept the feeling
that you've fallen for teasers

he's tasting the day now
she's racing away now
she's pushing
and he is all faded and grey now

It's killing the dogfish
which leads to the west mission
no fun is had
in the land of the selfish

the water is growing
the water is showing us
why we can't swim
with the weight we're stowing

the thoughts are turning to rose
words are turning to blows
the man in green is
getting himself composed

the girl in pink is on fire
her body glows like a pyre
burn the dead
in the heat of her fresh desire

the truth just flows, it is endless
cut until they can't mend this
let it flow
all the lies will defend us

so let the animal feeling
fall apart into stealing
after all,
though the touch is appealing;

it's just another truth of the body
it's just another truth of the body

it's just another truth of the body
it's just another truth of the body

now the window is broken
all the birds are now choking
yeah, they are young,
but the ground is open

it's a magical moment
when you're sitting there hoping
she will smile
as you're pathetically groping

but won't the future prevail?
no, you've already failed
it's all gone,
head on back to the rail

find yourself in the night light
find a woman with jeans
tight and low
and pretend you're alright

you said you'd be there forever
she said she thought you were clever
she was wrong,
you just couldn't deliver

it's time to ready the pistol
the song they're singing is wistful
and as they sing
you burn the crystals

now the feeling is torture
and the day is a scorcher
take it out,
put it deep and divorce her

make her hate you with malice
take a look at the palace
watch it fall,
she's gone way past being jealous

you're her slave, you're her victim
you don't care that she picked him aw
but she can't excuse your evil addiction

now the lawn is unfolding
what the fuck are you holding
it's a condom
and the desire is molding

the whole world is rotten
bleeding into the cotton
pull it out
and pretend you've forgotten

expose yourself at the bar
sweat and speak in the car
change your mind
once you've gone too far

so now you're touching her hair now
you're playing with bears now
get ready for the wasp
because nobody cares now

she wants you to die
you're making love to the sky
it doesn't hurt
things that hurt make you cry

this is a brand new emotion
to be vented with caution
hold it in
like a sick devotion

now imagine her suicide
imagine her love inside
dead in vain
like the last scrap of your pride

drown yourself in the caffeine
take it with codeine
every single dream is
better than this scene

now the breasts are speaking
and the eyes are leaking
and then in naked horror
you realize what you're seeking

is just another truth of the body
it's just another truth of the body

it's just another truth of the body
it's just another truth of the body

it's just another truth of the body
it's just another truth of the body

it's just another truth of the body
it's just another truth of the body
Track Name: Polished Wood
apologize apologize
it won't do any good
you finally broke it, no surprise
it was just polished wood

now you sit and stare at snowflakes now
as things creep in your seat
you shiver and you wonder how
you let him on your street

now a thousand things all break at once
you're standing in a storm
the blazing weeks roar into months
and it's years since you were born

it's years since ringlets curled themselves
it's those times that grow grey
you realize as you try to spell
why those kisses made you hate

aw the kisses that you plant on her
are as good as you can do
but the pile of organs wrapped in fur
no longer barks at you
you want it to come back
the sweat walks down your back
the nails, they claw your back
the darkness wants you back

now the silverware is bending well
the flame appears to you
it blazes like a flying hell
like a drowning heaven too

and the things will always happen
the bags will sink like scars
and the sound of his tongue lapping
is crushed by a thousand cars

the images fade like tombstones
the moments are gone for good
once again you're all alone
it was just polished wood

now the love will not convince her
she's realized you're not worth
the time you never give her
you'll never be what she deserves

she sees what you are lacking
and you haven't seen it yet
now the fingers that you're tapping
are just burning cigarettes
they burn and send the smoke away
it's time for you to walk away
you've ruined it, it's gone away
it's gone away
Track Name: 10,000 Years
one winter night in 2012
we were threading silver needles and talking to ourselves
and leaning on the big black piano was hell
it was the sickness we were wallowing in that could have made us well

reaching around in the cavity of us
a latex glove, an expression of disgust
we felt our way through life, our beauty blooming just so we could
sell our pretty bodies to the fear and the lust

that night there was passion being metamorphosed
on the northern wind that blew through our holes
on the dog's matted head, on the cushions that we chose
it crept into the house while we were tearing off our clothes

the room was wheezing by 2:00 sharp
we covered up our bodies with cotton woven tarps
in the shadow of the door, like a wooden escarpment
that we fastened with a hinge

the hinges were creaking as they loomed into view
on the edge of the door that will loom over you
the sky wanted your body, the ceiling did too
it shook like a rattle, waiting for you

and i
can't stop going out into the rain cause i'm without a woman's name
does it matter who?
i don't mean to flatter you
so you're sad too
well it's a popular attitude

deep into my heart where i forget to check the parts so red and wet
so now i'm chasing you
shouldn't i be erasing you?
shouldn't someone be wasting you?
the stasis we are lacing through

is old
gnarled and magnetic, i'm a loss, i am pathetic, so shrug it off
the kiss is poisoned
let's not be disappointed
i've heard the voice in
sequence 10,000

the wind is blowing hard, straight in our face, pull out the card, the water's
laced with empathy
i haven't had the strength to be
any kind of empty
hole since i was 17

are you now? have you been found? did you get lost? i wonder how, over slush and moss
we found each other
how you found her older brother
safe in other arms of other people we were rediscovered

something's about to end, do you feel it too? do you feel your friends? how their shadows
grew against the wall
i don't feel at all
here it comes, it's early fall
so step out into the hall

most of all would know that what we started in the snow so broken hearted
is ending
the light the moon is lending
is suddenly sending
back an impending

to what you wondered in montreal, there in your blunder, there in the fall
sunday morning
cold as a stone
she died so you'd have
an excuse to be fucked

everything you once thought foolish now will sing a ghoulish
hymn to your mother,
the arms of the other,
this time it's really over
nothing left of us to rediscover

try again and you will find
you'll lose your friends, you'll lose your mind
again, you'll see
in the end of the sea
of black in the eyes
of your last chance to die
in the arms of a real live person
who feels
who gives
you what
you need to live
and sees you through

so take this net
and catch a fake marble it's not yet
the time to lie in sleep, i'm buying in
to this freezing cold place
this burning season, my face
is old, and awfully white
it's time for mold, it's the dim light
that pushed you away
that let you feel it
in the bathroom, on the floor
the bathroom wants you more
than anyone, say goodnight
fall asleep, you're done, you're tight
you're losing
you're in a pile
of leaves
you're bruising your wrist

the wrist will be bruising for 10,000 years
stretching over your hometown as a rain of tears
no it's not a black hole, it's your reflection in the mirror
it's you, my lord
Track Name: Shallow Water and Cold Sand
i believe in your beauty
beyond haunted black crusts under fingernails
and beyond shallow water and cold sand

as they cringe at their duty
cold boughs and windigo stories make frail
the once soft, and once rough hands

god is an instrument
to lay upon the covers and the arms

stories about dying come through
they're all i have left now, goodbye beating heart
you are what he most truly was

goodbye hard sunlight made to
reimburse brutalized membranes, this is the start
of her undeserved and derelict love

your hair is all lopsided
and you don't seem to, you don't seem to mind

i believe in your beauty
i believe in concentric lines under the neck
i believe in a beauty that is trying to stop itself

and this beauty fails into beautiful mercy
into dark circles and eyeblack of red lipstick
this is the arena he was talking about

howling at the moon
eyes reflecting the dying stars

your beauty is a cancer
that flares up in the presence of
the tall and shiny buildings against that void

the hollow air following an answer
the ruins of an ancient and parasitic love
crawling up the leg of misshapen joy

now she's gone
she's gone
she's floating out in space
and we're here
looking for
looking for
a trace
of this mysterious
the love is in need
in need of a dissection
we're here
and i see you
walking ahead
and you whisper in my ear
and i remember what you said
told me in hushed and
perfect words
that there was no reason
no reason for the curl
i kissed you
i kissed you
kissed you in a dream
woke up
punched the bed
and clutched the
ceiling's wooden beams
and i'm
trying to forgive
for letting
those moments live
oh jesus christ
let me float
across the room
it's taken all my effort
to save it for sometime soon
here we go
we go
we go down the drain
i love you
i don't know
i don't know what i'm saying